Hit a Pothole? What You Need to Know

March 12, 2015

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Hitting a pothole during winter and early spring in Northeast Ohio is a common problem for many drivers. It is a good idea to have a complete vehicle inspection right away after hitting a deep pothole in order to assess any damage and prevent additional wear-and-tear on the vehicle.

Pothole Damage? What to Look For:

• Tires: Puncture, Wear, or Bulging Sidewalls

• Rims: Dents, Bends, Scratches & Damages

• Steering Wheel: Look for pulling to one side, stiff feeling, vibrations & other changes

• Rough Ride: Excessive bumpiness or roughness

• Suspension: Swaying, diving or sinking when braking, accelerating or turning

• Any Leaking Fluids

The damage caused by hitting a pothole often depends on the depth of the pothole and the speed at which you hit it. Have your vehicle inspected immediately to have any small problems fixed. This will prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Your Rad Air service team can inspect your tires, wheels, alignment, brakes, shocks & struts, suspension and undercarriage. Learn more about the importance of an alignment service here.

Surviving Spring Road Conditions:

• Maintain a good distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you to allow yourself more time to avoid potholes.

• Maintain proper tire pressure and have your tires inspected regularly for wear and tear.

• Pay attention to any changes in your vehicle’s performance and behavior. Take note of any changes.

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