Why You Should Consider a Career in Auto Repair

June 8, 2015

The automotive repair industry might not offer the most glamorous jobs, but it is possible to have a long, rewarding career in car repair that is challenging, fun and provides well for your family.

The days of simple mechanical repairs are gone. Automakers are engineering complex technologies to meet new government requirements and meet society’s demands for cleaner and greener vehicles. This requires automotive service professionals to have exceptional diagnostic skills, an in-depth experience with computers, a deep understanding of electrical components and more. Expert technicians and service advisors who are capable of understanding and repairing these vehicles are already in high-demand. Technicians who stay up-to-date on new technology, consistently improve skills and seek more education will be well compensated for their talents.

Furthermore, there are many growth and advancement opportunities available to technicians who get hired at reputable repair shops. A young technician can strive to one day become a shop foreman, assistant manager, store manager or franchise owner. Specialized positions managing fleets, customer service, training or parts procurement are excellent options as well.

Automotive repair provides career opportunities that provide diverse work duties, offer well-paying compensation, and a sense of teamwork and collaboration. If you enjoy working with your hands, fixing things, helping others and working for a team, pursue your interests and talents aggressively. Look for a company that offers a positive work environment where you can consistently improve your skills and strive for advancement opportunities. Rad Air is always looking for exceptional service managers and automotive technicians. If you’re interested in a shadowing experience, apprenticeship, internship or career, contact us to discuss available opportunities!