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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore that Check Engine Light

check engine light, check engine, auto, car, repair, cleveland, akron, ohio, oh, service, engine, lightYour vehicle and its systems are constantly being checked by several onboard computers, which helps monitor and keep your vehicle in proper working condition. The computer’s also controls the trouble, malfunction, and informational lights, gauges, and indicators on your dashboard. These malfunction indicator lamps (or MILs) illuminate when the computer senses a change or problem in one of your vehicles various systems and sub-systems. Unfortunately, once the computer senses a problem and illuminates the Check Engine light on the vehicle, the computer stops monitoring all other systems.

When you ignore a check engine light for weeks, months or even a year you are putting you and your vehicle at risk. Small problems may become larger and more complex over time and may begin to adversely affect other systems, parts and components. Unfortunately, your computer will not be able to alert you to worsening or new problems, because it already senses a problem and the light has already illuminated.

When you do decide to have the vehicle examined or repaired, it can be tricky for even the best technicians in Cleveland and Akron to diagnose all of the failures and problems involved and what issues are the most pressing to fix first. Not only is this a costly process, it can mean trips back to the repair shop as your computer is reset and begins checking the vehicle as a whole again.

Remember, it is always a good idea to have a Check Engine light looked at when it illuminates. Fixing a small problem is always preferable and less costly to fixing a big problem. If you have questions about your Check Engine light, contact your local Rad Air to schedule an appointment.

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