How to Save Fuel During the Summer

July 20, 2015

car being pumped with gas

Summer often means more time is spent on the road for day trips, vacations and busy daily schedules. You might be more concerned about your gas mileage and fuel consumption than any other time of year.

Summer in the Cleveland and Akron area brings hot temperatures, which puts additional stress on your vehicle. What can you do to save fuel during this time of year?

• Routine Maintenance – Have the oil and filters changed and ask your auto repair shop to perform a complete vehicle inspection. Check the brakes, battery, air conditioning and tires examined. When your car is properly lubricated and working to specifications, it becomes more efficient. Correcting small problems will reduce stress on your vehicle and may improve mileage.

• Reduce Extra Weight – Get ride of extra gear when you’re not using it. Extra weight will make your car work extra hard. This includes what you might have in the back seats, the trunk, on the roof or in a trailer.

• Use the Air Conditioner – At highway speeds, open windows can create a drag on the vehicle, which may reduce mileage. If you use your air conditioning, keep all of the windows closed and set your controls to the recirculate mode. This allows the already cooled air to be re-cooled and reduces stress on the system thus improving your MPG.

• Avoid Aggressive Braking & Accelerating – While this applies to every time of the year, try to avoid braking and accelerating abruptly.

• Use Cruise Control on Longer Trips

• Check Your Tires

Pay attention to your vehicle’s fuel consumption. If you suddenly think that you’re not getting as much mileage as you once were, the expert auto repair technicians at Rad Air are trained to identify and repair the various systems and components in your vehicle. It is always a good idea to have a small concern checked out before it becomes a big problem. Schedule and appointment with us online for hassle-free service and peace of mind.