How to Get the Car Ready for Back-to-School

August 24, 2015

It’s not too late to get the car ready for back-to-school! Whether you are sending your child off to elementary school or back to college, Rad Air can help you make sure your or your child’s vehicle is ready for this busy time of year.

1. Regular Maintenance – Take advantage of our Back-to-School specials! Our team of specialized auto repair and maintenance technicians can get the vehicle ready with oil changes, tire rotations and topping off fluids!

2. Tires – Getting a flat tire during this busy time would be extremely frustrating. Have your tires inspected and make sure they are at the proper pressure to make sure they handle properly and wear evenly. If you think its time to replace your tires, the Rad Air team can help you choose the right tires for your vehicle, budget and driving style.

3. Air Conditioning – You air conditioning system will keep your family cool as summer summer comes to a close, however, your A/C is responsible for your windshield defroster. You will need your defroster to de-fog your windshield during fall and winter. If you suspect any problems with your air conditioner or defroster, have it inspected today. We are still offering our Air Conditioning Performance & Leak Check for $29.95!

4. Brakes – With more kids walking, biking and driving on the roads, you might find your commute is busier and more congested. Make sure your braking system is working properly so you can stop on a dime when you need. If you find your drive includes frequent accelerating and braking on city streets and highways, make sure your brakes are working properly!

The team at Rad Air is proud to help you and your family maintain your vehicles no matter what season of life you are in! We are happy to assist your family prepare for back-to-school! Request an appointment today using our Online Appointment Request tool.