Easy Fall Car Care Tasks You Can Do At Home

October 29, 2015

Northeast Ohio often brings rainy fall weather and bitter cold winters. Are you looking to prepare your car for fall and winter weather? There are a few simple and inexpensive tasks you can do to help you stay safe and comfortable on the road this season.

Change Your Wiper Blades

Due to frequent use of wiper blades to remove rain water, ice, condensation and frost from your windshield, we recommend changing your wiper blades at least once a year in the fall. Wiper blades start around $5 and go up depending on the design, material and size of the blades and your vehicle’s individual requirements. This inexpensive fix will help you see clearly this fall.

Check & Fill Your Spare Tire

Make sure your spare tire is properly inflated. It wouldn’t help you to have to replace a flat tire with another flat tire! Keep a tire gauge in your vehicle and check the pressure on days where there has been a significant temperature change. Rapid changes in temperatures can change the pounds per square inch (PSI) in your tires.

Check & Top-Off Fluids

Buy “Winter Blend” windshield washer fluid and keep it in your garage. You will use this frequently in the fall and winter. Also top off your antifreeze/coolant and brake fluid. If you notice your antifreeze or brake fluids are especially low, it is a good idea to visit a mechanic to make sure there are not leaks or problems in either system.

Inspect and Clean Battery Terminals

Batteries often die during periods of extreme heat and cold. The last thing you want is to be stranded during the cold winter months with a dead battery. Take a look at the terminals and carefully remove any corrosion with a wire brush and terminal cleaner.

Before winter arrives, take the time to perform some of these do-it-yourself car maintenance tasks. Doing so will prepare your vehicle for the coming months and alert you to potential problems with your vehicle. If you think there may be a problem that should be looked at by an auto mechanic, contact your local Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers location.