Pay Attention to Your Senses to Recognize Auto Repair Needs

December 15, 2015

You don’t want a breakdown to tell you there is something wrong with your vehicle. By paying attention to your senses, you may be able to recognize a potential problem with your car and repair it before a breakdown occurs.


Use your sense of sight to give your car a monthly or weekly visual inspection. Take a look at the tires to see if you can notice changes in tire pressure. Look under the car or in your parking spot to spot any potential leaks. If you see anything that concerns you, contact your local Rad Air location to talk over any concerns.


Listen for any strange noises coming from the vehicle. Pay attention to when these noises occur and how you can recreate the noise if necessary. When describing noises to your mechanic, see if you can identify where it is coming from. For difficult or intermittent noises, you may be asked to road-test the vehicle with a Rad Air technician so we can make sure we identify and correct the noise problem you are experiencing.


Any new smells coming from your vehicle could signal a problem, even if they are not overwhelmingly strong or bad. Take note of any smells including sweet or steamy smells, burning odors, gasoline or fumes, rotten egg smells and more. It is always best to have any strange smells checked out to make sure they are not a serious problem.

Feel or Touch

Pay attention to how your vehicle feels while driving and note any changes. Your vehicle may be experiencing a problem if you notice any new vibrations, thumping, pulling, leaning, rough riding or feels sluggish overall. Like other problems, report any changes in how your vehicle feels to your local auto shop for help.

Above all, pay attention to your gut. If you are suspicious something may be wrong with your vehicle, it is a good idea to have a certified mechanic perform an inspection. Jot down some notes so you don’t forget what you have experienced. By using your senses you will be able to aid your auto shop in identifying and correcting car trouble quickly!