Auto Trends to Watch in 2016

January 27, 2016

Just like other industries, you can expect to see new trends and technology every year in automotive. What do you think we will see this year? Here is a breakdown of what we can expect in all things cars in 2016:

Technology will astound in new vehicles

Experts say new vehicles will allow drivers to plug in a smart phone and access apps while driving. After-market units will likely become available as well so even if you have an older vehicle you will still be able to enjoy new technology. Automakers are expected to develop ways to add Ethernet to new vehicles so streaming movies and music are in the not-to-distant future.

Car-Sharing will be a popular alternative

Instead of using your own vehicle, try out the services offered by Uber or Lyft. As a popular alternative to taxis, experts expect to see car-sharing as a growing mode of transportation. Automakers are even developing technology to integrate the app technology into the vehicle itself.

Autonomous Cars

Automakers will continue to develop automated driving and parking features that are safe and truly hands-free. According to Business Insider, the federal government is allocating $4 billion over the next 10 years to help speed up the development of autonomous cars. In 2016, The National Highway traffic Safety Administration will work to develop guidelines for state regulations of autonomous vehicles while the DOT is encouraging automakers to submit technology to ensure they meet federal safety standards.

Record-Breaking Car Sales

Experts predict 2016 will be a record-breaking year for new vehicle sales followed by a steady decrease beginning in 2017. The past seven years have seen steady increases in new car sales and leases, which means many people are now looking to trade in their new vehicle. This also means there will be plenty of used cars entering the market.

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