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Classic Car Games for Kids

Rad Air Spring DrivingPlanning to drive to your summer vacation destination? You may be looking for some ways to keep young kids entertained during long hours on the road. Instead of relying on DVDs or tablets for entertainment the entire trip, why not try some classic car games? We’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas for safe and fun car games that the whole family can enjoy together!

The License Plate Game: This classic game has been played for generations. Simply have one family member (not the driver, of course) use a notepad and pen to record all the different state license plates spotted on your route. Make it a race to see who can spot a license plate from the location that is farthest from your destination!

Scavenger Hunt: This game will require some preparation before you leave, but can keep kids entertained for a long time! In advance of your trip, put together a long list of items that you can look for while you are driving. Some items might be a statue, a cow, a double-decker bus, and so on. The person who finds the most items by the time you reach your destination is the winner!

Twenty Questions: Have one person think of an animal or storybook character. Then, others in the car can ask 20 questions to try to get more information to help them guess the animal or character. This is an easy way to involve everyone in the car in the game.

Magnetic Travel Games: It can be tricky to pack toys or games for the car, as tiny game pieces tend to get lose under seats or in small crevices. Consider buying a magnetic travel game version of your favorite board game. Not only is it easier to pack as it takes less space, but the pieces will all stay together.

Stay safe on the road this summer! Be sure to call your local Rad Air for any car care or repair needs.

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