5 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool on a Hot Summer Day

June 5, 2016

You may love summer, but we bet you do not enjoy getting into a car that is stiflingly hot and stuffy! So how can you keep your car cool on those hot summer days? These tips may help:

1. Park in the shade. If at all possible, try to find a shady spot. While you may risk some tree pollen or leaves falling on your car, you will avoid the hot sun beating down on your car.

2. Use a dash visor. When there are no shaded spots available, pull out a sunshade or dash visor. These windshield covers are usually inexpensive and can be purchased at most major stores. While it will not keep your car’s interior from getting warm, it will keep it considerably cooler by blocking some of the sun’s rays.

3. Cover the steering wheel or seats with a towel. Leather steering wheels and seats can become extremely hot to the touch. You will need to give your car time to air out and cool down before being able to drive or sit comfortably. To help prevent this, keep some beach towels in the car. When you leave, put the towel down on the seat cushions as well as drape one over the steering wheel. This way, when you get in the car, your leather steering wheel and seats will be bearable.

4. Make sure your A/C is running well. The absolute worst time to discover your car’s A/C is failing is on a steamy summer day! Try to beat the heat by scheduling your car’s A/C system check early in the summer. That way you can handle any necessary repairs or services before the summer really heats up.

5. Use window shades. Do you have young children in tow? If so, consider buying several removable window shades. These shades can be easily put up or down and adjusted to block the sun from beating down on the car seat while your car is parked, as well as keep the backseat cooler while you are driving.

We hope these tips will help you stay cool in your car this summer! Be sure to stop by your local Rad Air with any car repair or maintenance needs.