Three Things Your Mechanic has in Common with Your Doctor

June 12, 2016

If you think about it, your auto repair shop has a lot in common with your doctor’s office. You might visit the doctor for a regular check-up to ensure you are well, receive immunizations to prevent illnesses, and stay on top of medical conditions you may have. Sometimes it is necessary to visit the doctor when you are sick and receive a prescription and recommendations to help you feel better.

Just like visiting your trusted doctor, it’s imperative to visit a trustworthy auto repair shop for a regular check-up. Most of our clients ¬†ask to have their vehicle completely inspected when they bring their car in for an oil change, however, you might bring in your vehicle if you are noticing strange symptoms or a check engine or malfunction indicator light has come on. Here are three more things technicians and doctors have in common:

Your doctor and mechanic receive regular training. While auto technicians are not nearly in school for as long as doctors, both should attend regular training seminars, conferences, classes, and more to stay informed about changes in their industry. You wouldn’t want a doctor who isn’t staying on top of the latest medications or treatments, so make sure you visit an auto shop like Rad Air that requires technicians to keep their education updated.

Your doctor and mechanic utilize several tests to make a diagnosis. Sometimes a medical condition or a car malfunction has no symptoms. Just like a doctor may order a blood test, mechanics use various tools and tests to find a problem with your vehicle. However, just because a test can confirm a potential problem, it is the auto technician’s job to discover the root cause of the problem and repairing it.

Your doctor and mechanic care about your health and safety. Doctors are people we go to who have our best interests in mind. Most doctors enter medicine because they care about people and have a desire to help them achieve their optimum health. Auto technicians care about the overall health of your vehicle and safety. Good, honest mechanics enjoy working on car so their clients remain safe on the road.

Just as you develop a trusting relationship with your doctor, strive to build the same kind of relationship with your auto repair shop. Your auto shop should earn your trust by listening to your concerns and providing you with helpful information and services to repair and maintain your vehicle. Take the time to get to know an auto shop now so you know whom you can rely on if you experience a breakdown!