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Back to School Driving Safety Reminders

As Back to School season has arrived and kids across Northeast Ohio are heading back to school, we want to share a couple car safety reminders to keep both drivers and kids safe.

  • Slow Down.

800px-Thomas_School_Bus_BusThis is probably the best advice for Back to School season. Roads that have been less busy during the summer will now be congested with school buses and more vehicles of parents and guardians dropping off kids at school. Kids will be getting used to new routines of walking to and from the bus or to and from the designated drop-off areas. If you are a driver that has must go through these congested drop-off areas, particularly around the beginning and end of the school day, just be mindful and aware of all the activity around you and slow down.

  • Share the Road with School Bus Drivers.

No matter how late or in a rush you are, always adhere to the rules regarding sharing the road with school buses. For example, under no circumstances is it legal to pass a school bus once it has stopped to pick up or drop off students. Once the stop arm on the bus has extended and lights are flashing, traffic coming from both directions must stop. Stop, wait for the bus to turn off its flashing lights, pull back the stop sign, and begin moving before you move.

Stay safe on the road this Back to School season! All of us at Rad Air are wishing you and your families a great start to the new school year.

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