5 Tips for a Better Commute

August 19, 2016

It has been reported that the average American has a 50-minute workday commute. Whether you work in Downtown Cleveland, Akron or in the suburbs, a morning commute can be a slow and stressful experience. Here are five tips to make the workday commute easier and more enjoyable.

1. Fill up with gas on your commute home or in the evening. Something inevitably goes wrong in the morning; maybe you overslept, the kids were running late, you couldn’t find what you needed. Even the most prepared people run late sometimes. Nothing is worse than realizing your tank is on E when you are already running behind. Take time on the way home or take a short trip to fill up your gas tank before you call it a night. This will eliminate morning stress and make you feel safer and more prepared in the event of a big traffic jam.

2. Carpool with a friend or coworker if possible. Long commutes are lonely and stressful. That stress can easily be alleviated if your time is spent with a friend. You can take turns driving and even split the cost of parking. Talk with your coworkers or use social media to let people know you are looking to start carpooling to see if anyone is interested.

3. Enjoy quality entertainment. If your drive has you feeling stressed, find a way to enjoy your time spent in the car. Find a book on tape, learn a new language, download some new music or arrange to talk with a friend (hands-free, of course!) to psyche yourself up for the workday. You’ll arrive at work feeling refreshed and with a positive outlook. That commute wasn’t so bad after all!

4. Keep a snack nearby. Keep a healthy snack stored in your car for the ride to and from work like a bottle of water with almonds or crackers. If you’re caught in a traffic jam, hunger won’t be able to bring you down. If you just can’t wait for dinner, a small snack will curb your appetite so you don’t overeat later.

5. Keep the car clean and well-maintained. A smelly, dirty, unreliable car will add stress and discomfort to any commute. Invest in some air fresheners and keep your car free of dust and clutter. Keep a microfiber cloth in your glove box to wipe dust away with ease. You’ll find your mind is clearer and less anxious. Make sure your vehicle is inspected regularly and before the season changes to make sure the car is prepared for the changing weather and driving conditions.

Why not enjoy the time you spend in your vehicle? By following these simple tips, your commute to school or work will help you perform better at work and begin to relax at the end of the day. To make sure your vehicle is ready for busy commutes, visit your local Rad Air auto repair shop for an inspection. Check out our Maintenance Packages on our coupon page for more savings!