3 Myths About Hybrid and EV Drivers

August 26, 2016

Are hybrid drivers really different from other car owners on the road? It might seem like it, but when you look up close, hybrid and electric vehicle drivers are not always what pop culture might suggest.

Hybrid Owners are NOT Tree Huggers. Just because they might be concerned for the environment, it doesn’t mean they have radical political views, eat vegan or identify with hippie culture. Hybrid owners understand that owning a hybrid or EV has other benefits including saving money and being good for the environment and society as a whole. Many states, employers, utility companies and retailers offer incentives for owning a hybrid vehicle. Money saved and feeling good about your choice of transportation is worth way more than the Tree Hugger stereotype.

Hybrid Owners are NOT into fads. Hybrid vehicles have been around for decades. Automakers would not invest in a fad that would disappear in a few years and neither do hybrid and EV owners. In fact, hybrid owners tend to do more research and be ore educated than average car buyers so their car-buying decision is often well thought out and is a good choice for their driving style and needs.

Hybrid Owners are NOT geeks. If being tech-savvy and educated is geeky, then maybe this myth is true. While hybrid owners tend to hold college and advanced degrees, they also tend to be involved with their communities, engage in many hobbies and extracurricular and enjoy a rich social life overall. Doesn’t sound very geeky to us!

Celebrities are not the only people driving hybrid cars. Regular folks in Cleveland, Ohio are driving them, too. While they may be unique, they are much more than the stereotypes suggest. Rad Air’s Cleveland Hybrid service centers are happy to keep the conversation going about the future of alternative fuel vehicles while providing expert hybrid service as well.