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Make Your Fall Commute a Little Cozier

road in the fall

It’s finally fall. The temperatures are hot one day and much cooler the next. However, morning and evening drives in the Greater Cleveland area are usually a little chilly during this time of year. How can you make your commute a little cozier now that temperatures are starting to fall? Try these tips to make your commute to work or school more enjoyable:

Warm Up. Now is a good time to invest in an automatic car starter or heated seats. They will come in handy now and will be even more appreciated during the cold winter months.

Change your Shoes. Get in the habit of changing your shoes at the end of the work day. A comfy pair of tennis shoes or boots will keep your feet warm and dry on cool and rainy days.

Choose a Fragrance. If you like burning fall-scented candles at home, choose an air freshener for your car! There are plenty of options on the market that can make your car smell like pumpkins, cinnamon, toasted marshmallows and all things autumn.

De-clutter. Keep the interior of your car clean and organized. This way, you’ll always have a place for your favorite cup of coffee and other essentials.

Be Prepared for Weather Changes. Fall is a good time to stock the car with items you might need for any commute. Find a sturdy umbrella and put it somewhere where it can easily be reached. Add a hat, pair of gloves and an extra jacket in case the weather changes abruptly.

Whether you are commuting into Downtown Cleveland, Akron or one of the suburbs, fall is a great time to enjoy the scenery. We hope you can use these tips to make your trip warm and enjoyable.

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