How to Make your Car Feel New Again

October 19, 2016

man holding car keys

Are you missing that new-car smell? Is it showing some obvious signs of wear and tear? Are you just not excited about driving your car anymore? Instead of buying a new vehicle, there are things you can do to make you car feel new again.

Visit an Auto Repair Shop for Maintenance and Repairs. Check your Owner’s Manual and see what services are recommended for your mileage and ask the auto shop for an inspection. Discuss any concerns you may have and have any Check Engine or malfunction indicator lights diagnosed. Make sure your heater, defroster and air conditioning are working, your brakes are in good working condition and more.

Service or Replace Your Tires. Having a wheel balance and alignment can drastically change your experience behind the wheel. Make sure your tires are properly inflated or replace them if it is time.

Clean it Out! A number of factors can cause odors in your vehicle. Clean out the vehicle to make sure odor-causing debris is removed. Smoking and eating in the car can contribute to odors lingering in the materials. If you detect a mold or mildew scent, talk to your repair shop about what might be the cause and potential solutions.

Take Care of Small Maintenance Items. Replace the wiper blades. Clean or replace foggy headlamps. Fix or replace any damaged interior components like frayed or cracked steering wheels or tears in upholstered seats.

Have the car detailed. Nothing will make your car cleaner than a professional detailing company. For around $100 your vehicle will look like it belongs on a showroom floor.

You can fall in love with your car again even if it is several years old. Maybe you’re trying to fix up your vehicle before selling it or handing it down to a child or family member. Whatever your reason for giving your car a makeover, the technicians at Rad Air can help your car drive like new.