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Staying Warm in Your Car

Northeast Ohioans are no strangers to the cold, but there’s nothing more uncomfortable than driving in an icy car. Luckily, as seasoned snow birds ourselves, we’ve collected a bunch of tips on how you can stay warm in your car this winter.

Know how to warm-up your car efficiently

Thanks to new technologies, cars don’t need to run for 10 minutes before hitting the road on a cold morning. Engines “warm-up” the best with gentle driving, not idling, which also helps the environment. Instead, take your car onto the road after just a couple minutes of letting the engine start up. Driving helps speed up the engine which warms it faster — just don’t accelerate or brake suddenly.

Wear lots of layers, rather than bulky items, when driving

More layers equals more warmth and also gives you the flexibility to shed clothes if you get too warm on your drive. Bulky clothing can also be dangerous because it restricts your movement, preventing you from being able to react quickly to treacherous winter driving conditions.

Keep your hands warm

Nobody likes icy digits, so invest in a good pair of gloves, a quality steering wheel cover (some even come heated!), and a couple of hand warmers. Your fingers will thank you.

Don’t forget about your car’s warming features!

Have heated seats? Turn them on! And make sure you take advantage of your car’s recirculation system when you have the heat on. This means you’re reheating air you’ve already warmed, not bringing in cold air from outside your vehicle, which warms your interior faster.

We always say the quickest way to warm up is with a steaming cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, but that’s just us! Or stop by one of your local northeast Ohio Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Centers to warm up and say hi — go ahead and make an appointment while you’re at it!

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