It’s Spring! …Cleaning Time for Your Car

March 20, 2017

In the midst of winter here in Cleveland, we tend to ignore the cleanliness of our vehicles. Until spring arrives, we try not to see the remnants of wet, dirty snow and debris matted into every nook and cranny, the salt stains scattered across our floor mats, or the dust that has built up in our air vents, as they worked full blast to keep warm air flowing into our car. Not to mention, of course, the grime that has encased the entire exterior of our vehicle, dulling the shine of our hubcaps and the power of our headlights.

Then that first glimpse of spring arrives, with a warm, sunny day, and suddenly, we are very aware that our car is in desperate need of some TLC after a long winter. When that happens this year, instead of feeling overwhelmed, work through these spring cleaning tips for your car:

• Tackle those floor mats first.
Your floor mats probably fared the worst of any part of your car during the winter. They picked up all of the dirt, grime, and mud from your shoes all season long. If your mats are rubber, give them a good wash outside and let them air dry. If your mats are fabric, vacuum as much of the loose debris and dirt from them as you can first. Spray any stains or particularly troublesome spots with a stain-remover spray before throwing them in the wash.


• Take out the trash.
During the winter, stuff—clothes, gym equipment, shoes, discarded snack containers or water bottles—seems to accumulate in our car. Take an empty laundry basket and a trash bag out to your car and sort through all of the items. You can place random items in the basket to be sorted and relocated later and discard the trash.


• Bring out the vacuum.
Whether you have an industrial vacuum at home or you are taking your car to a local car wash, we recommend vacuuming before you do any other interior cleaning. Take your time and make sure you clean underneath and beside the seats, in any chair pockets, and in the crevices around your dashboard.


• Dust, dust, dust!
It seems like our car interior, especially the dash, is a magnet for dust. Any lint-free dust rag or feather dust should do the trick. After loose dust is removed, you can follow that with some liquid cleaner. Goo Gone is great for tackling those sticky spots in and around cup holders, and some people like to use a finishing polish on their leather dashboard.


• Give your car a good scrub.
Once the interior is tackled, it’s time to make the exterior shine. Thoroughly wash the grime from your car, taking care to clean the tires, the underside of your car, and the windows.


Happy spring cleaning! As you clean your car inside and out, also make sure you schedule any necessary maintenance services to keep your car running well. Contact Rad Air for your service needs.