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How Much You Save with a Hybrid Car

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Driving a hybrid vehicle has a positive impact on the environment—and it can also benefit you financially. Lots of prospective owners ask, “How much would I save with a hybrid?” We’ve compiled some of our more recent research and findings to help you understand the potential savings.

Vehicle Cost

• You might assume you can’t afford a hybrid but will be surprised by the reality of the costs.
Most hybrids are “reasonably priced starting at $27,100.” (Source:

Gas Mileage

• An electric battery leads to greater efficiency—and better gas mileage. On average, hybrids achieve a 20-35 percent better gas mileage than conventional cars. (Source:

Incentives and Tax Credits

• Many states and local governments offer incentives for buying a hybrid vehicle, in addition to a federal tax credit up to $7,500 per vehicle. (Source:


• Certain insurance companies will offer discounts to hybrid car owners. For example, Travelers Insurance offers a discount of up to 10% on auto insurance if you own or lease a hybrid or electric car, saying, “You’ve made a conscious decision to have a positive effect on the environment, and now it’s your turn to be rewarded.” (Source:

Repair Costs

• Think any repair costs will be through the roof? Think again: According to Consumer Reports, “Hybrid owners shouldn’t expect any higher or more frequent maintenance or repair costs than owners of conventional cars.(Source:

As you can see, it pays to opt hybrid—and it is no more expensive than choosing a conventional vehicle. If you are weighing the decision to buy a hybrid vehicle, feel free to contact the team at Cleveland Hybrid for information about expected maintenance and services.

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