Important Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Hybrid Car

April 25, 2017

When it comes to routine spring maintenance, your hybrid vehicle is not that different from regular vehicles. After a long winter season, it is important to give your hybrid some much-needed TLC and a thorough checkup.

Inspect your tires.  Keeping your tires properly inflated is one of the keys to attaining fuel efficiency with your hybrid. Don’t compromise your vehicle’s performance, or put yourself at a safety risk, by driving on under-inflated or over-inflated tires.

Check your battery.  Because a hybrid vehicle depends heavily on electricity, you must prioritize keeping your battery in optimal condition. Keep in mind that cold weather, such as the extreme lows we experience in Northeast Ohio, can affect your battery’s charge.

Have your engine inspected. Your hybrid does rely in part on fuel, meaning routine engine checks are just as important as with a regular vehicle. We recommend bringing your car to the pros at Cleveland Hybrid to examine your engine, check the engine oil, and diagnose any potential issues.

Give your car a complete wash. Once the snow—and the salt—subside, take your car for a thorough wash. Make sure to completely remove the grime, particularly on your vehicle’s undercarriage, which can lead to rust if left alone.

For more hybrid vehicle tips, contact the team at Cleveland Hybrid.