What to Keep in the College Kid’s Car

August 3, 2017

Is your child heading back to campus this fall? While many colleges prohibit students from bringing a vehicle to campus, some Ohio colleges allow students to bring a car with them. Unfortunately, there may be strict rules about parking vehicles far from campus, especially for non-commuters. If you have decided to take your vehicle to college, make sure the car is prepared for campus life. Remember to pack these items just for your car:

Snow Shovel

We might not be thinking of snow now, but when snow does arrive in college towns a small, collapsible snow shovel will come in handy, especially if you don’t drive frequently. Snow plows may pile snow around the vehicle, making it difficult to get out of parking spots.

Jumper Cables

We often see college students requiring a jump start because they haven’t used the vehicle as frequently as normal. Jumper cables will come in handy if you or a fellow student needs a jump!


Whether it’s spare change for parking or just some emergency cash, college students are often caught off guard if they need cash because many depend on meal plans or their campus ID cards to make purchases.

Spare Tire & Inflation Kit

Make sure you always have a properly inflated spare tire and a tire inflation kit.  In case of a flat, you might be able to fix the tire yourself before having to call for help.

Other Spare Items & a Place to Organize Them

Spare pens. Spare charging cables. They will come in handy during emergency situations and those forgetful moments. Make sure all items are organized in the car and not left out in plain view. This will deter any theft and contribute to a successful student.

Make sure the vehicle is ready for a lengthy stay away from home. That means making sure it is well-maintained and reliable when it will be used. Consider talking with your college student about the responsibilities and safe practices of keeping a car on campus. As always, the experts at Rad Air are ready to prepare your student’s car for their time on campus! Check out our Maintenance Specials to save on service.