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Choosing the Right Windshield Wipers

Pro-tip: Don’t overlook your wiper blades.

This small component of our vehicle serves a very important function, but we rarely think about our wiper blades—until they fail us. When driving in any inclement weather, from snowfall to heavy rain, we cannot drive safely without our wiper blades functioning properly.


How do you know if your wiper blades need to be replaced?

You may notice your wipers make a chattering noise as they move across your windshield, or they may be leaving streaks across the windshield. Wipers should easily glide across your windshield—if they are not, that is a sign they need to be replaced. Also, inspect your wipers to make sure that the rubber is not separating from the shaft and the shaft is not separating from the frame. This is particularly important, as the blade could cause damage to your windshield if the wiper itself is damaged.


What are the options for new wiper blades?

    • Standard Style Blades: These blades have a spring and will stick to your windshield, but they could allow snow and ice to accumulate, which is a concern in Greater Cleveland.

    • Beam Style Blades: These blades are one piece and stick to your windshield better than a standard style blade.

    • Winter Wiper Blade: These blades are identical to a standard blade but with a rubber casing that prevents snow and ice buildup.

    • Winter or Ice Blade: These blades have the same design as a Beam Style Blade but they are made of silicone, which prevents ice accumulation. For this reason, these blades are a great choice during the winter in Northeast Ohio.

If you have questions about selecting the right wiper blade for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact the team at your local Rad Air—that’s why we’re here!

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