The Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Drives Near Cleveland

September 11, 2017


An artist’s brush would struggle to replicate the stunning beauty of Northeast Ohio in the autumn.  There are so many vivid colors present in the changing colors of the leaves.  From deep reds to warm oranges and vibrant yellows, nothing says fall like the color of the horizon changing from a lush green to the cornucopia of colors that define the season.  Your morning commute changes before your eyes, and even a trip to the grocery store takes on a different look than it had in the summer.  There are some places very close to the city of Cleveland that can transport you to a fall foliage wonderland.  Here’s a guide to some hotspots that are perfect for that autumn weekend drive:

  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park

    Brandywine Gorge is a great location to see the sites of the season.  The variety of tree species in the area provides a great landscape of different colors.

  • Rocky River Nature Center

    This site offers spectacular views of a 360 million year old shale cliff from the deck overhanging the river. The nature center itself is fun too, loaded with great exhibits about the history of the valley.

Also, make sure to check out the Ohio Department of Natural Resource’s Fall Foliage Driving Tour Guide to map out a great route for a fall car ride!

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