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How Do I Pick The Best Floor Mat For My Vehicle?

The floor mat might not be the most exciting car accessory, but if you’ve ever had a mini-van full of Wickliffe Blue Devils with cleats riding home after a muddy football game, you find out quickly how important a good set of floor mats can be.  Cleveland motorists have a soft spot in their hearts for the car accessory that dedicates its whole existence to being stepped on.  It seems easy, but picking the right floor mat is an important decision, and here are some tips to make sure you are making the right choice:

Carpet is plush.

If opulence is your goal, then carpet is your choice.  For the changing seasons of Northeast Ohio, carpet is not always the best choice because it isn’t stain resistant and can be hard to maintain.  If your vehicle is a show car that only makes it out for Sunday drives, then this might be a great choice, but if your car gets daily use, especially in rainy or snowy weather, you might think twice before investing in carpeted mats.  They feel great under your feet, but they aren’t the best for rigorous driving.

Rubber is tougher.

We’re not just saying this to pander to our friends that live close to our Akron Rad Air location.  Rubber really is much more durable than carpet.  You can wash a rubber mat with a hose, and you can get one with deep groves to trap rocks, leaves, water and other debris. If you do get one with deep grooves it’s very comfortable and parallels the underfoot cushion of carpet.

Full floor liners go all out.

If you really go heavy duty and use your vehicle on the worksite, then it might not be a bad idea to invest in a full floor liner.  You won’t find them with ridges and grooves as deep as the individual floor mats, but the coverage goes all the way across the floor of the cabin and protects every inch of the floor beneath.

No matter the season, Rad Air has all of your vehicle maintenance needs covered.  Whether you’re planning a trip south for a beach getaway, or buckling down for a cold winter in Cleveland, schedule a maintenance visit with Rad Air and make sure your car is ready for whatever road you travel on.

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