Simple Tips to Keep Your Car Clean This Winter

December 21, 2017

Crocker Park in Westlake is a hotbed for the latest and greatest in salons and body maintenance.  People from all over come to be pampered, and part of the experience is getting your skin moisturized and prepared for the damaging effects of winter.  Winter can dry out your skin and have devastating effects on the way your body feels and looks.

Just like we have to get our skin ready for winter, our car’s exterior has to be ready for a tough time as well.  The snow and salt can destroy the undercarriage of your car and allow debris to settle in, trapping water and creating rust that can ruin the resale value of your vehicle.

So how can you keep your car clean during the winter to protect it from damage?

-Wax it.
Wax before the winter hits full stride.  Wax protects your car from allowing water to penetrate and gives an extra layer of protection.

-Snow foam it.
Most people don’t think of pressure washing their vehicle, but with a snow foam lance, the pressure washer becomes your car’s best friend.  Lather your car up with a thick layer of the foam, let it settle in for a few and then come back to rinse it away. It takes away a lot of the dirt gently rather than scratching it into the paint.

-Hose it.
Don’t have a power washer?  Hose that puppy down!  Regularly hose off your car to keep the dirt and salt from settling in to do their “dirty” work.

Rad Air can get your interior ready for winter grime too!  We sell all-weather floor mats from top brands like WeatherTech to make sure the dirt stays off of your vehicle’s carpet.  Schedule a winter maintenance visit and let us get your car ready for winter—inside and out.