Energy Saving Tips for Your Cleveland Car This Winter

January 29, 2018

Cleveland had a white Christmas in 2017 and from Westlake to Eastlake, the days that followed the holiday were filled with sub-zero temps and snowfall accumulation.  You might have noticed your gas budget stretch just a little during that time, as your fuel tank just didn’t seem to hold as much fuel as it did in the summer.  So what causes your fuel to burn so much more quickly in the cold air? More importantly, what can you do to help your fuel last a little longer and reduce those vehicle energy expenses in winter?

1. Running your car to heat it up isn’t helping.
Most experts agree, if you run your car for about 30 seconds and then take it on the road, your car will heat up more quickly. The Cleveland method of starting your car and then going inside for an hour while it heats up costs you quite a bit of money and isn’t the most efficient way to get your car’s cabin up to a suitable temp.

2. Use those seat warmers rather than cabin air.
If you have to heat up something before you get in for a ride, make it the seat warmers rather than the cabin air.  It is less expensive and more efficient.

3.  If you have an electric vehicle, leave it plugged in while charging.
Leaving the car plugged in will be more efficient and using the PEV’s to heat up the cabin and seats can reduce the overall range of the car.

Rad Air employs car care experts from right here in Cleveland.  We know what it is like to suffer through a Northeast Ohio winter.  Don’t suffer this year.  Book a winter maintenance visit to Rad Air and allow our car care experts to get your car ready for the rest of the winter season.