5 Tips for Managing Your Commercial Fleet

April 9, 2018

Taking care of one car at a time is hard; can you imagine managing an entire fleet?  If you are reading this, then chances are you are getting ready to take on the management of a fleet of vehicles, and you feel overwhelmed.  Deciding when and where to have maintenance done on the vehicles is a tough decision.  Rad Air helps Cleveland area companies like Enterprise Car Rental, GE Capital Fleet, Ryder and more manage their fleets and keep their vehicles on the road running.  Here are some tips we find effective to help our customers manage maintenance for multiple vehicles in a commercial setting:

1. Make sure you have someone assigned to set up the maintenance.
The most common mistake companies make when it comes to scheduling fleet maintenance is that they simply forget to schedule it.  If one person is in charge, it is easier to feel comfortable knowing that someone is keeping an eye on the maintenance visits.

2. Set up a maintenance checklist for in between visits to mechanics.
Make sure the following items are included; you might need to add more per your individual needs.

• Check all major systems

• Check tires, wheel, and rims

• Check all fluids

• Check exterior and interior lights

• Check all belts and hoses

3. Schedule preventative maintenance.
Don’t wait until there is an issue, set up internal or external preventative maintenance so that you aren’t waiting until it’s too late and you end up fixing issues that were preventable.

4. Don’t rely on pens and paper.  Use technology.
Grease monkeys like their paper. If you are in a shop, your tendency might be to think that you can use one of those giant calendars to keep track of everything, or worse yet, you might think your steel trap mind can remember everything.  Chances are, this is a bad idea.  There is fleet management software available to help you keep everything in line, and it will send automated reminders right to your phone, so you never forget about the scheduled maintenance you need to perform on your vehicles.

5. Rely on Your Team
Your team probably knows your vehicles better than anyone because they interact with them every day.  They might know about nuances in the performance of the individual vehicles that might run counterintuitive to normal maintenance practices for the model.  They also might know of some issues the vehicle is having that would require attention that would vary from the scheduled visits.

Whether you are a fleet veteran or just starting in the field, Rad Air can help provide your company with fleet services to help your vehicles stay on the road.  Contact Rad Air today to find out how we can help you and your company be more efficient.