5 Common Signs That You’re Having Electrical Issues

May 4, 2018

There is always an ominous cloud that floats around the term “electrical issues” as it relates to cars.   When you hear that you might be having an electrical problem in your vehicle, your heart starts to race as you begin thinking of all the things that might be causing your issues.  Well, before you panic, here are some of the most common ways you can tell if it’s time to have a pro take a look at your potential electrical malfunction:

1. Things go dim as you drive.
If your lights are working, but they go a little darker while you are driving or when your car is idling, you might have an issue with a variety of parts.  It could be your battery, alternator or generator. The battery is a good place to start, because if it is getting ready to go bad, it might not be holding its charge, and that’s bad news for your lights.

2. One of these things is not like the other.
If everything seems to be working okay in your car, but you have one electrical piece of equipment that isn’t working, it could be time to check your fuses.  For example, if everything is working but your radio, it could be a fuse.  If all of your lights are working except for your brake lights, and you’ve checked your brake lights and replaced the bulbs, there is a chance that there is a fuse blown there.

3. Corrosion on the terminals.
If there is a white-ish or blue-ish build-up on the terminals or cables, that is corrosion. If there is minimal build-up, you might be able to remove it yourself with solutions, but if the build-up is to a larger extent, then you might need some professional assistance.

4. You are having problems creating “turnovers.”
Now you sound like the Browns’ secondary.  The good news is, fixing your problem may be easier than fixing a defense. It might be a bad battery or starter, so you don’t necessarily need to panic, thinking that the engine is bad!

5. What’s that smell?
There is a very distinct smell that accompanies many electrical issues in cars.  If you smell a burning odor, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a wire or electrical component burning out.  If you see smoke, that could be dangerous, and you need to get your car checked out immediately.

You don’t need to panic if you fear that your car is having electrical issues.  Schedule an appointment with the experts at Rad Air– DON’T TRY TO ADDRESS ELECTRICAL ISSUES ON YOUR OWN- and let us get you back on the road.