5 Military Vehicles Worthy of a Salute

May 28, 2018

As Memorial Day rolls around, our thoughts turn to the brave men and women who have served our country proudly, living and dying for our freedoms.   The admiration we have for our military is boundless, and we spend this time each year with reverence, taking in the scope of the sacrifice so many have made so that we can pursue the American dream.  At Rad Air, we also appreciate the innovation that our military has shown over the years in coming up with vehicles to help our service members do their jobs and keep us all safe.  As we salute our troops, we’d also like to salute the vehicles that keep them on the move and keep freedom on a roll.

Here are five military vehicles that have changed the way our troops move from place to place.


1. The M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier
Who wouldn’t love a vehicle with a fully enclosed hull welded from aluminum armor? That hull protects against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. This amphibious vehicle is equipped with machine guns and can carry up to 11 soldiers at a time. Info from Military Today

2. The M1 Shredder
As if an M1 tank wasn’t imposing enough, the Shredder also has a plow on the front end to clear or ram anything in its path. Despite its massive size, it can still reach speeds of over 40 mph. Info from Military Factory.com

3. The Sherman Tank
Sometimes the classics are the coolest, and the Sherman tank remains the most recognizable tank in the history of the military. The M4 tank was quick and cheap, and although it wasn’t always the most reliable option, it was good enough to win many a battle against Hitler’s Nazi regime. Info from Jalopnik

4. The Humvee
Labeled a High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), the Humvee was designed to be a lightweight, highly mobile and functional vehicle that could do it all for the military. The Humvee has 15 different configurations and over 44 Interchangeable parts including everything from machine guns to anti-tank missile launchers. Info from Miltary.com

5. The Cougar 6X6
This mine resistant, “ambush protected” vehicle can also withstand rocket-propelled grenade fire, and its V-shaped hull had been proven to be effective at resisting damage from IED’s. Info from Miltary.com

While you might not be driving a tank around the streets of Cleveland, we’re confident that we can service pretty much anything on wheels! Stop on into your local Rad Air and get your urban transport vehicle ready for action!

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