5 Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for a Long Road Trip

June 8, 2018

So, your highly anticipated summer road trip is drawing near. No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, nothing will stop your trip quicker than a car problem. Your car can either make your trip a delight or stop it in its tracks before it even happens. Before you go, make sure you’ve addressed all the items on this checklist:

1. Gas up
Is there anything more disappointing than getting 10 minutes down the road and having your gas light come on? It instantly stops all forward progress before there’s even been forward progress! So now you know, gas up before you go!

2. Check the cool
Sure having the windows open is fun and great until it’s not. Everybody has seen movies with people driving down the open road in a convertible with the wind blowing through their hair. That seems great, but the reality is that having the windows open on the highway can be loud and somewhat annoying. That’s why you should stop by for an AC check. You’d hate to finally break down and roll your windows up and then find out that your air conditioning doesn’t work in the blazing heat.

3. Take some time on your tires
Having great tires is incredibly important. While many would agree that having good tires in the winter is important, it is also important in the summer. With the summer comes the unexpected rainstorms and with rain comes wet roads where sliding can occur. Good tires can help prevent some of this slippage. It’s no fun to have to worry about sliding around while on vacation, so make sure that your tires are okay before departing.

4. Grab some games
Everybody knows that the first few and last few minutes of every road trip are pretty exciting, but all of those hours in between can be kind of questionable – especially if you have young kids in the car. They get bored and tired and hungry and then they complain. So, before you embark, pack a snack bag (and a bag for garbage) and grab some games for entertainment for the kiddos.

5. Don’t forget about the brakes
Last, but certainly not least, get your brakes checked out. Your brakes are so important. It’s not worth risking a long journey with lots of driving with soft brakes.

We know that you are looking forward to your trip, and we’re looking forward to helping you prepare. Here are Rad Air, we can set you up with some great tires, check out your brakes, and make sure your AC is in tip-top shape so that your trip can run smoothly. To schedule an inspection, give us a call or schedule online.


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