5 Things Your Dad Probably Taught You About Cars

June 15, 2018

Father and Son Washing Car

Not everyone is born knowing cars inside and out like the technicians at Rad Air were. We’re just kidding – although, learning about cars is a lifelong process. But with Father’s Day approaching, it got some of us here at Rad Air remembering some fond memories of learning about the basics of cars with our dads. Of course, that’s not to discount anybody else who taught us car basics – plenty of us have also learned stuff from moms, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, and neighbors, but in honor of Father’s Day, here are five things your dad may have taught you about cars:

1. How to drive a car
Let’s face it, learning to drive is quite a process. Some of us were started young in an old beater truck driving around the property while others of us started much later in life. Either is fine, but it probably took some time, and a good teacher, to learn. For some of us, that great teacher may have been our father.

2. How to fill up your tank
Filling up a gas tank isn’t actually that hard, but the first time can be kind of scary. There are so many things that can go wrong: What if I press diesel instead of regular fuel? How do I know when the tank is full (Who knew that it just stopped automatically?)? What if I accidentally drive away with the nozzle still in my car? There are many questions that pop up during your first time filling up that were probably easily answered by someone who’s done it before.

3. How to change a flat tire
Flat tires always seem to come at the worst of times (Is there ever really a good time to have a flat tire?). While it is an inconvenience, it’s not the most horrible thing that can happen because we’ve learned how to change a flat from a pro.

4. How to change your oil
Having an oil change is important to keep your car running properly. While some of us leave it to the pros (which we recommend), others of us make it a DIY. If you do it yourself, you probably had someone teach you how to do it at some point.

5. How to jump your car
We all know that horrible feeling of turning the key and nothing happening. That’s exactly why someone once taught us how to jump a car (and then maybe gave us some jumper cables to stick in our car).

In honor of Father’s Day, we’d like to take the time to thank the dads and everyone else out there who taught us these car basics. Even though you may know how to do some of these things thanks to these great teachers, you may not want to do them or feel comfortable doing them. If that’s the case, give us a call. The pros at Rad Air are always here to help with any car problems.


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