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4 Tips for Driving During Rainstorms

Driving In A Rainstorm

The hot summer weather in Cleveland provides a much-needed break after a long winter. Unfortunately, this hot weather also seems to bring some heavy storms. These storms aren’t always too bad, but if you get caught driving during one of them, it can be downright dangerous. Here are our 4 tips for driving safely in one of these downpours:

1. Slow down. Once a downpour starts, most people are eager to get off the road as soon as possible due to the poor conditions heavy rain brings. But, even though it may seem like the best option to speed up and get out of the rain, it is actually best to slow down. Heavy rain reduces visibility. You may have a hard time seeing your surroundings and the vehicles around you. So slow it down – you’ll have a better chance of reacting properly if you go easy on the gas.

2. Turn on your lights. This also goes along with the reduced visibility mentioned earlier. While your lights may not help you when you’re in the rain, they do help the people in the cars around you to see you and adjust accordingly which keeps everyone safer.

3. Don’t accelerate too fast. Your tires may not get traction as easily when the roads are wet. This is similar to how they may behave in the snow. If you try to accelerate too quickly, your tires may end up spinning which leaves you right where you are. This means that it takes you more time to get started when you stop. So, be weary – in dry weather, you might be able to make that turn while someone is still a little ways away, but the same may not hold true when the road is wet and your tires are slipping. So, be cautious and don’t hit the gas too hard.

4. Get off the road. If you don’t feel safe driving in heavy rain, it’s best for you to get off the road. You’ll want to make sure that the place you pull off is safe to pull off in, of course. You don’t want to stop somewhere where others might hit you because they can’t see you. Driving when you are uncomfortable with the conditions or nervous is dangerous, so don’t hesitate to exit the road. Being a couple of minutes late to something is worth your safety and peace of mind.

Here at Rad Air, we’re concerned for your safety. We want you to be as safe as possible while driving – that’s why we do what we do. Going without a car repair can be potentially dangerous, so if you think something may be wrong with your vehicle, stop in – we can get you fixed up right away.


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