5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter

September 10, 2018

It’s still summer, isn’t it? How is it already time to start preparing your car for winter? As you know, Northeast Ohio winters sneak up quickly. One day it can be 70 degrees and then the next day we can have six inches of snow. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. These September days are the best time to get your car ready for winter. Check out our winter preparation car maintenance tips:

  • Check your tires. Having good tires is so important in the wintertime – it may be more important in the winter than in any other season. If your tires are bald or don’t have enough tread, it can make driving in the snow much harder. With bald tires, your tires might not even be able to get traction and you might start fishtailing. Dangerous road conditions are made even more dangerous with bad tires. Making sure that your tires are in great condition is essential for preparing your car for winter.
  • Create an emergency kit. Winter weather is unpredictable and you might end up stuck somewhere with hours before you’ll get home. Sometimes traffic can be stopped on the freeway for hours or maybe you have slid into a ditch. When this happens, you’ll want to make sure that you have supplies you need to keep you warm and safe for a couple of hours. You may want to fill up a bag or bin with essential supplies. Here are a couple of things you should include:
    • A winter coat. If you ever forget a coat or think you’re making a quick trip where you won’t need a coat, you’ll want to have one handy in case you get stuck somewhere.
    • A blanket. If you’re ever sitting in your car somewhere for a long period of time, you may not want to have your car running the entire time to keep you warm for fear of running out of gas. A blanket can help keep you warm during these times.
    • Non-perishable food. In a worst-case scenario, you may end up trapped in your car for hours at a time. If that happens, you’ll want to make sure you have some food accessible.
  • Make sure your antifreeze is ready. Antifreeze is a vital fluid when it comes to winter driving. The cool temperatures can cause components in your engine to freeze which is detrimental to your car’s health. Antifreeze works to prevent this freezing from happening and keep your car running well.
  • Get winter-grade wiper fluid. Salt and slush from the road in winter can spray up onto your windshield while you’re driving which can make it hard to see. You’ll want to make sure that you get winter-grade wiper fluid and make sure that it is filled regularly to make it so that your windshield stays clean.
  • Wax your car. Putting a fresh coat of wax on your car is essential for keeping it in good shape going into winter. Ohio winters can mean a lot of salt is put on the roads which can be detrimental to your car’s body. By waxing your car before going into winter, you can help keep your car from rusting.

While it may seem like winter is still a ways away, it is best to make sure that your car is prepared for the weather change and snow. Make sure your car is ready by following the car maintenance tips detailed above. And, if you need any help or car maintenance before winter, Rad Air is the place to come for service.

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