What Are the Different Types of Motor Oil?

October 16, 2018

Have you ever walked into an auto supply store and been faced with a wall full of different motor oils? There’s full synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage and conventional. That’s a lot to take in! And, which one should you get for your car? Well, it depends on the car you drive and how you drive it. Here’s a breakdown on these different types of motor oil:

• Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Full synthetic motor oil is typically used in high-performance vehicles that require much lubrication. This oil resists thermal breakdown and oxidation. It also provides a higher viscosity level than other types of oil and can improve fuel efficiency and horsepower. While full synthetic motor oil sounds great, the hang up with purchasing it comes with the cost since it is more expensive than regular oil. Thus, you may want to discuss whether it is necessary for your vehicle before your purchase it. Full synthetic oil is good for cars that are used for hauling and towing and for cars that are in places with hot summers or cold winters.

• Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
Synthetic blend motor oil is a combination of full synthetic and conventional oil that provides some of the benefits of synthetic motor oil for a cheaper price. Just like full synthetic, synthetic blend provides resistance to oxidation. Synthetic blend is also great because it allows for the easy switch from conventional oil to full synthetic if that is desired.

• High Mileage Motor Oil
For cars that have over 75,000 miles, an expert may recommend high mileage motor oil. This oil can minimize oil seepage and leaks. It can also reduce oil consumption and emissions from older engines.

• Conventional Motor Oil
The majority of motor oil used today is conventional oil. Conventional motor oil is best suited for cars that are not used in a high-performance capacity, aren’t used for hauling, are newer, and are low mileage.

So, now you know about the different types of motor oil and what they are used for. If you need help figuring out which oil is best for your car, reach out! We can help you determine what’s best for your car. And, if it’s time for an oil change, we can help with that! Visit one of our locations near you for an oil change today:

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