Why Oil Changes Are a GREAT Gift Idea For Clevelanders

November 16, 2018

Mechanic Changing Oil in Car

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

(and it has ever since Halloween!)

Clevelanders love the holidays. We are home to the mecca of all holiday attractions: The Christmas Story House. Public Square’s lighting event is always a huge attraction, and fans of Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Christmas Ale line up around the block to get their hands on the first batch as soon as it comes out. We are the crazy people who cheer for snow so we can have a white Christmas.

We are also known to procrastinate every now and then. Look at our Cavaliers for instance. A few years ago, they waited until the Golden State Warriors were up 3 games to none before coming back to win the NBA Championship.

Black Friday is approaching. It’s time to buck the procrastination trend and get your holiday shopping done early for once. It can be hard to find gifts that are good for every generation of your family, can fit every size, can be used for the gift exchange for work and won’t break the bank. That’s a tall order. That’s why it might be time to consider giving away an oil change as a great gift item for your Clevelanders this year. Think about these things:

• Everybody needs them, but no one wants to buy them.
It might not make their eyes bug out as a Rolex would, but when they don’t have to get into their bank account for their next oil change, they’ll be happy.

• How much Starbucks can you drink, right?
Their coffee is delicious, but how many times are we going to see people open a gift card holder and see that mermaid this year? Go for something different! You’ll stand out and be applauded for your creativity.

• You’re not giving an oil change, you’re making life simpler.
When your recipient gets your gift card, they are getting a helpful reminder that their car needs some attention. When they pay with the gift card, they don’t have to worry about adjusting their account balance. This is more than a free oil change, this is a lifestyle change – at least for a month or so.

If you really want to make a splash, get enough gift cards to cover a year’s worth of oil changes. That would take a huge burden off your recipient and show that you were thinking of them year ‘round. It’s great for college kids, hard-working parents, and that spouse that would love to free up that money for a vacation fund!

• They work for everyone!
If they have a car, this gift will work. No worrying about sizes or colors. No worrying about it being too formal or informal. Work, family, worship place, donation – you name it. Oil changes are a one size fits all holiday solution!

Need the gift of oil changes this holiday season? We just so happen to know a place that can help you out with that! Visit any of our Northeast Ohio Rad Air locations, and pick up some holiday cheer in the form of a gift certificate! It’s the gift certificate that shows a little bit of thought and a whole lot of love!

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