Is It Time for Me to Get a Car Alignment?

December 20, 2018

Cleveland’s potholes are notorious, so much so that we wrote about them around Halloween and described them as pothole monsters. They get hungrier and hungrier in the wintertime and the salt we use to make roads safer to traverse eats through the concrete and makes holes big enough to swallow your car. So how do you know when your car’s had enough, and it’s time to get it into Rad Air for an alignment? Here are some tips so that you will know when it’s time for a tire alignment on your car!

• You just got new tires
Most manufacturers recommend an alignment when your tires are changed. This ensures a full tire life and helps you get the most out of your tread life. Alignment at installation helps you ensure that any defects were a result of a bad tire, not poor installation, and that helps you get the most out of your warranty.

• You recently lifted or lowered your vehicle
Lifting or lowering a vehicle can cause tremendous stress to some key parts. Your toe, camber, and caster angles can be affected. You should also get an alignment done if you repair or replace suspension and steering parts. If any components, like struts, shocks or bearings, are damaged, they can cause major issues and chances are your alignment is out of spec.

• You’ve had a fender bender
Even a little bump can cause major damage to a vehicle. Maybe it didn’t seem like much of an impact, but that doesn’t mean that your car didn’t feel it. If you have had an accident, whether minor or major, it’s time for an alignment. But, other cars don’t have to be involved. If you smash into one of those craters we like to refer to as potholes, or a curb for that matter, it is time to have your car aligned. Chances are high that you need it!

• Once a year, have it done just to be safe
You might not remember that big bump. Forgot about that curb? Maybe you just put a lot of miles on your car. Getting an alignment done once a year will help you make sure that you don’t run into any problems. And, poor alignment can cause plenty of those. Take your car to your neighborhood car care professional once a year to make sure everything is going smoothly with your ride.

Rad Air is here to help you find your center. Our alignment services will have your car riding more smoothly than ever, not only providing comfort but also making your car last longer and even helping with fuel consumption. Contact us today and let us help you smooth things over with your ride.

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