Manager Spotlight: Dave George

March 18, 2019

Dave George is a fixture with Rad Air.

But even after 19 years, he’s still learning every day!

19 years ago, Dave George began working as the manager of the Rad Air location in Garfield, and he’s been a neighborhood car care expert ever since. Many things have changed with vehicles over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed since those days is Rad Air’s commitment to its customers! We had a chance to sit down with the married father of two boys to talk about his tenure at Rad Air and all of the exciting new things happening at our Fairlawn location.

Rad Air: Dave, you’ve been with Rad Air for a long time. What is your favorite thing about coming to work at Rad Air every day?

Dave George: We are true customer service. The person that you see when you drop off the car is the same person you’re going to see when you pick up the car, and that’s the same person that’s going to call you in the middle of the day. It’s all the same person.

RA: With that said, is there a favorite customer service story or experience that you can share with us?

DG: As a matter of fact, I’ve got a family with multiple kids, I think they are all in college now, or maybe a little older. They actually call me about car repairs before they call their Dad now! I hear from them – they’ll call me or text me and say “Hey, my car’s doing this – is that a problem?” and their Dad won’t even know about it now, so I hear from them before their parents.

RA: Is there a favorite car that comes to your shop that you like to work on?

DG: We have a gentleman that comes in that has a really old classic Jaguar, and he’s also got a military Jeep as well. Those are some very nice cars.

RA: Tell us something that you love about your team and the people that work at your location.

DG: My guys, they just come to work happy. Nobody ever misses a day. They are just good guys – everybody is mature and they come in to do their jobs with no complaints. Everybody is happy!

RA: So what’s going on at the Fairlawn location?

DG: We’ve been doing a lot of hybrid training. This is the time of year is when we do a lot of our training, so we’ll do probably at least one day a week at night, sometimes 2 or 3 days of training a week.

RA: So what about outside of work when you aren’t fixing cars or training? What do you like to do?

DG: That happens very little (laughing), but when it does, I like to go camping. My son is a college baseball player so we travel and watch a lot of baseball!

So, we keep Dave working, as you can tell! But, when you have a great team, and you have a passion to help others, it doesn’t seem like a job – it’s hanging out with family working on cars. That’s what makes us a neighborhood car care center, and that’s why Northeast Ohio trusts us to fix only what needs to be fixed on their vehicles. Visit Dave at our Fairlawn location, and let us become a member of your family!

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