Running on Low Battery?

May 24, 2019

Life can drain you sometimes. You work hard and play hard. From dropping the kids at school, to working all day, to dinner with friends, and back home, where you go, your car goes too. You charge your phone in the car, plug in your GPS,  and the kids watch a movie in the backseat. All of these electronic devices can leave your car feeling how you probably feel at the end of the day.

You can take a nice walk, read a book, or see the Cleveland Orchestra perform at Blossom to relax and recharge. But what can your car do to get that much-needed reboot?

1. Take a nice highway drive. The stop-and-go city traffic can take a toll on your car’s battery (and, not to mention, brakes). Many of these short trips, with frequent stop-and-go, don’t allow your car’s engine to reach its normal operating temperature.

2. Don’t leave the headlights on. When the car is off, leaving the headlights on, or any of the other power accessories, can severely deplete your battery.

3. Give it time. Find a high-quality recharger to slowly restore the battery to its fullest capacity. Using the alternator to charge a dead or low battery will charge it too fast and cause it to not last for many more charges.

Don’t deplete YOUR battery with worrying about proper battery care; talk to us at Rad Air! We are here to help you with all of your car needs and questions. Our technicians are experts in electrical repairs for cars and can help answer any of your concerns.

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