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Sizzling Summer Car Tips For Summit County

Fairlawn, we love seeing you!

But we also want to see your car running all summer long!

Rad Air is Fairlawn’s neighborhood car care center, and we love serving Summit County. But, there is a big difference between a maintenance visit and a huge repair visit. We will always be available for both, but if we can limit the latter for you, we’d be okay with that. That’s why it’s important to know how to get your car ready for the road, no matter what season we are in. With that being said, here are some SIZZLING Summer Car Care Tips for Summit County:

1. Watch those wipers!

With all of the different parts to worry about on a car, it’s very easy to ignore one of the most important ones: your wipers. They are important for any season, but there can be very heavy rains in the summer in Northeast Ohio, and they can seemingly spring up out of nowhere. If you don’t have good wipers they can leave streaks on your glass as well, and when the sun is blazing, that can be a real problem and produce glare. The worst repairs on a car stem from accidents, and your safety is the biggest concern for Rad Air. Check your wipers and replace as necessary.

2. Test those tires.

When Akron area drivers think about tires, they think about the winter time, when traction in the snow is important. But in the summertime, the temps reach high levels, and that can cause your tires to expand and contract rapidly. This can lead to a blowout, and that can lead to you working on your tan from the side of the freeway. Pay attention to your tire pressure, test it at least once a week and after a long trip.

 3. Survey your suspension.

The pothole monsters of Cleveland are beasts of mythical proportions. They are very much real, and so is the damage they can cause. Summit County isn’t immune to the cousins of these creatures, and they can wreak havoc on your car’s suspension. You want to have your suspension inspected going into the summer season, because there is often damage that the naked eye can’t see, and if left untreated they can spell disaster and lead to costly repairs.

 4. Conditioned response.

If your air conditioner isn’t working, it can impact vehicle performance, including draining your battery. Not only that, but if you aren’t cool while driving your vehicle on a long trip it can lead to fatigue, and that can lead to a crash. Rad Air Pro Tip: Don’t add stress to your A/C unit by blasting it until you’re cool and then turning it off, and then repeating the cycle. Run the air conditioner at a balanced level throughout operation to increase its lifespan.

5. Raise the hood.

Did you know that 75% of all car repairs can be eliminated with simple visual checks under the hood? It’s true, and it’s simple to avoid many repairs by simply checking for cracked or loose hoses, fluid levels, and other simple fixes that can lead to bigger issues down the road. Looking under the hood once a week for things that don’t add up can be a way to avoid seeing your Rad Air Pro for a costly repair.

Not into doing your own work? We get it, Fairlawn. And that’s why we’re here! Bring your car into Rad Air Fairlawn today and we’ll make sure you’re ready for summer fun, not spending summer funds on costly repairs. We’ll see you soon!

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