5 Signs That You Need to Take Advantage of Rad Air’s Brakes for Babies Deal!

September 3, 2019

We Are Giving Away Brakes for Babies

All September long, Rad Air is giving away brakes for babies, and that means that anyone who receives a brake job at any of our neighborhood car care centers this month gets FREE brake shoes or brake pads. We are giving $10 per brake job to the children at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital to help the little ones who can’t help themselves. Sounds great, right? Your brakes on the other hand? They don’t sound quite as good. Do you need to come to see us for the Brakes for Babies campaign? Not sure? Well, here are some warning signs to let you know if you should be taking advantage of the Brakes for Babies promo at Rad Air:

1. Your brakes have stopped responding to you.

Anyone with kids knows that every now and then they just don’t pay attention when you tell them to do something. That’s totally normal. However, when your brakes don’t pay attention, that’s a different story. Non-responsive brakes could be a sign of a mechanical problem or leak in your brake hydraulic system or brake line(s). If you see a puddle under your car when it’s parked, this could be an indication.

2. Your brakes start screaming at you.

How do you know that your baby’s hungry or needs to be changed? They yell at you! They scream and cry to get your attention. Brakes are no different. When it’s time to replace the pads, a small metal tab makes a very loud shriek and lets you know that your brakes need attention. If you are hearing that noise now, it’s time to come take advantage of the Brakes for Babies promotion.

3. There’s a growl.

When your kid is even more irritated with you, they might grind their teeth or they might even growl at you! Well, brakes are no different here either. When the pads are gone altogether, the disc and the caliper meet and the noise shifts from a squeal to a grind (or a growl, as many car pros call it). That sound means it’s time for a trip to Rad Air.

4. Your car is pulling away.

Ever try to hold your kid’s hand while walking by a toy section in a store? They tend to go the exact opposite way of where you want to direct them. Failing brakes can cause this same phenomenon in your car. If you notice a pull in your car when you try to stop, your brakes might be wearing unevenly, and that means you need brake service.

5. Your brakes vibrate heavily.

This resembles a full out tantrum. Little ones can get so aggravated at times that they will hold their breath, clench their fists, and shake until they are red in the face. Good times, right, parents? Brakes can cause vibrations that will shake your whole car! This may mean that you have warped rotors! In a car with anti-lock brakes, that’s bad news, and you need to repair or replace your brakes right away.

If any of these signs sound like your car, come see the pros at Rad Air in September and get FREE brake shoes or brake pads with your brake job (up to $100 in value), and we’ll send $10 to University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Help us help others, and let us help you stay safe this winter with brakes that work!

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