Brakes For Babies 2019 Campaign

September 3, 2019

Growing up in Cleveland, you often hear how happy you should be to have a neighbor like University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

You knew that world-class healthcare for children was right around the corner. You would hear that sick children were life-flighted to Rainbow Babies from various hospitals in the area, and that meant that the child in transit was in poor condition but in good hands. You were always familiar with Rainbow, but you hoped you never had to visit. That’s the way Rad Air President and CEO Andy Fiffick felt as well. But, that changed quickly when his grandson, Andrew, became seriously ill at the age of two.

A simple virus.

That’s what Andy’s family thought was happening to his infant grandson when he became ill. But, that diagnosis changed rapidly when an infection started to force young Andrew’s airway to swell shut, and he was losing his ability to breathe. A trip to a local emergency room provided more questions than answers and desperation started to mount in the hearts and minds of the entire family. Andrew was rushed to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, and the family waited and hoped against hope that they would find answers there. 

“With the help of the emergency medical team and the excellent staff, Andrew was treated quickly, and our terrifying ordeal was abated in a few short hours,” recalls grateful grandfather Andy Fiffick. “I thank God every day for Rainbow’s dedication and professionalism in treating the most innocent of us.” Little Andrew is now a healthy and active four-year-old, and like so many others, he has the team at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital to thank for it.


That’s why Rad Air is proud to announce the first annual Brakes for Babies event, taking place all September long at every single Rad Air location in Northeast Ohio.

For every brake job completed at the neighborhood car care centers, $10 will be donated to the team at Rainbow to help provide world-class care to the children who need it most. And, in appreciation of our customers for helping us make it happen, we are giving free brake pads or brake shoes to anyone who gets a brake job this month (up to $100 in savings).

We’re hoping this little bit of appreciation will inspire our customers to give to organizations like Rainbow, that take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.

“I had to learn the hard way that places like Rainbow are necessary and they need our support,” continues Andy, “and our entire Rad Air family is proud to partner with UH Rainbow Babies and Children to continue the miraculous efforts being made in the field of children’s medicine.”

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