Talking Turkey: 3 Things You Can Do to Help Pay for Car Repairs

November 22, 2019

Talking Turkey About Your Car Repair Budget

You’ll Thank Us for These Great Tips

Thanksgiving is rolling around, and if your car is acting up, it might be tough to keep a thankful mindset. With family coming in for a Turkey Day feast and Christmas right around the corner, your budget is already stretched as tight as it will go! When you add car repairs into the mix, it can leave you stressed. That’s why Rad Air wants to give you some tips on things you can do with your budget to ensure that your car repairs don’t turn you into Ebenezer Scrooge this holiday season. Let’s “talk turkey” about car repair budgets:

Tip #1: Make a budget and set aside “rainy day” funds for things like car repairs.

Many of us have the best intentions when we save money. Inevitably though, your car repair fund can also be your appliance repair fund, your vacation fund, your school clothes fund, and maybe even your retirement fund! It is extremely important to put aside some savings just for car repairs specifically. It may not be this month, but you’ll be happy to have money put aside when your car needs to be repaired.

Tip #2: Find a shop you can trust.

Let’s be honest, car repair shops don’t always have the best reputation for keeping it real with customers. Find a shop that only repairs what is necessary. At Rad Air, we pride ourselves on being honest with customers and only fixing what needs to be fixed, while letting our clients know what might be coming up in the future. You have a right to a second opinion if you need one, no matter what shop you are going to. But, if you find a repair shop you trust, keep that number handy!

Tip #3: Check for deals.

Sometimes car repair shops offer deals that can help make the cost of repair more affordable. For example, at Rad Air, we always offer coupons on our site. Make sure you check out our coupons page to see if there’s anything that may apply to your car repair needs. These come in especially handy when you’re dealing with the expenses of the holidays!

Having an issue you need to have resolved? Your Northern Ohio car repair experts are waiting to serve! Come see us for an estimate and find out more about our payment plans! Repairs might cost less than you think, and we might have a way to make it more affordable so there is still room in your budget to make those special gift purchases!

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