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Rad Air’s Commitment to the Environment

Every Day Is Earth Day at Rad Air

Our Commitment to “Going Green”

Earth Day 2020 was on April 22, and Rad Air couldn’t be more excited. We might be from a city in the “Rust Belt,” but don’t let that fool you. We care about the planet and are doing many things to make a difference for the environment. We have made a huge commitment to growing our hybrid vehicle maintenance program, and we make sure that we have techs at all of our Neighborhood Car Care Centers who are trained in maintaining these vehicles. But our commitment to “going green” extends far beyond that. Here are some other ways that Rad Air is doing to help make a difference for our environment:

• We buy oil and fluids in bulk to save on plastic waste.
• Rad Air recycles paper and cardboard at all of our Neighborhood Car Care Centers.
• We recycle metals in accordance with all regulations and procedures.
• Rad Air recycles oil, tires, and fluids in accordance with federal and local policies.
• Our team offers a courtesy setting of tire pressure to help with fuel economy.
• We advise clients on needed maintenance and repairs to ensure vehicles run properly and get the best fuel mileage.
• The pros at Rad Air properly service A/C systems to ensure that they are not leaking into the environment.
• We have updated all shop lighting to LED to save energy.
• We have reduced paper in the shops by using tablets.

It’s the little things done right that add up, and at Rad Air, we believe that through these initial steps, we can start to make a big impact on the environment. We hope that you will join us in the fight by asking our team for ways that your car could become more “green” and efficient. Together, we can make every day Earth Day!

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