A COVID-19 Update From Rad Air

April 6, 2020

We Are All in This Together

Here’s What Rad Air Is Doing to Help You Stay Safe During COVID-19

Update: The BBB has endorsed Rad Air as a safe vendor during this time.

We’ve always thought that what we do is essential to our community. We work hard to make sure people are safe and can get where they need to go to provide or care for their families. But when the government named the auto industry as an “essential business,” it gave Rad Air a whole new perspective on what we do. Now, it isn’t just about keeping our clients safe on the road.

We’ve always strived to maintain a clean environment in our bathrooms and client waiting areas, but now we have to consider many potentially dangerous variables that we’ve never had to address before. So, here are some things Rad Air is doing to keep our clients safe:

• We are continuing to disinfect all client waiting rooms and restrooms.
• Our loaner fleet is cleaned and disinfected DAILY.
• All client vehicles are wiped down prior to drop-off or pickup.
• We are picking up client vehicles, so clients don’t have to leave their homes.
• Payments are accepted over the phone, so face-to-face contact isn’t required.
• If a client leaves the keys in their car, we don’t even need to ring their doorbell.
• Our night drop boxes give clients another way to drop off their vehicle without face-to-face contact with anyone.

We are Cleveland and Akron’s Neighborhood Car Care Center. We don’t just say that. We live it. And at Rad Air, that means that we value your safety and your health. We are still working hard to make sure that when you need to get out for supplies or your job, your vehicle is up to the task. Use our online scheduler to book your service, and we’ll follow our new protocols to take care of you and your vehicle.

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