What Can Your Tax Return Do for Your Vehicle?

May 1, 2020

Mechanic fixing car

No one likes paying taxes. Everyone loves the tax return.

What can your tax return do for you (and your vehicle)?

Believe it or not, there were some diligent citizens who filed their taxes prior to the extension granted by the government due to the COVID-19 epidemic. For some, tax season will be rearing its head in the coming months. Whether you have already finished your taxes for the year or you are getting ready to file, you know that the tax season begins with stress and anxiety about getting everything correct.

After the work, your thoughts turn to how you will spend your tax return.

While some picture themselves holding mojitos on the beach in the Caribbean, many Northeast Ohioans have more practical plans for their money. Some need a washing machine or a new lawnmower. Some have needs that we at Rad Air can fill directly: car repairs!

Maybe you’d rather not spend your entire return on your car. We get that, so here are some things you can do to improve your vehicle’s performance for less than $100 at Rad Air: 


Grab Some Wipers

Spring is here, and that is going to mean showers. The ice and snow can wear down your wiper blades and make for treacherous travel. If you are looking for something you can do to improve your vehicle for a smaller investment, this is a great option!


Perform Routine Spring Vehicle Maintenance

For $39.95, you can get your oil changed, fluids checked, battery tested, tires rotated, a seasonal safety check, and even a complimentary code scan to see if there are other issues you need to address. You will extend the life of your vehicle with regular checkups. What a great way to spend a little bit of your tax return.


Get Your A/C Ready for Summer

Make sure your air conditioner is leak free and ready for the summer! For $48.98, we’ll help you stay chill all summer long!


We have everything from tires to transmission repairs available, and we’ve got the deals to help you get the most out of your tax return! Visit our coupon page to find a deal that matches your needs and then book your appointment with Rad Air today!

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