Rad Air Shop Spotlight: Westlake

August 13, 2020

RadAir Westlake location

Rad Air of Westlake

Delivering a Unique Client Experience 

When you first step foot into Westlake’s Rad Air, you will notice it is unlike any other auto repair shop. First, there is a working vintage player piano for clients to enjoy and several large bookcases displaying framed photos of Rad Air clients, past and present. 

Rad Air Westlake auto repair shop manager DinoIt is a particularly unique and personalized setting for an auto shop repair waiting room—and Dino Cuffari and his wife, Roz, intend it to be that way. Dino and Roz are the proud owners and managers of Rad Air in Westlake. Dino has been in the automotive repair shop business since 1979 and has clients that he has been serving for 30 years. That longevity speaks to the care and attention Dino gives to his Rad Air clients every single day.

“We care about our clients, so they care about us,” Dino says. “We fairly charge for what we do and we do not do things that aren’t needed.”

Dino and Roz are not the only faces you will see at Westlake’s Rad Air. The shop, which has six bays, employs three automotive technicians: Mike, Luis, and Norm. 

Mike, a master technician, has been with Rad Air and Dino for 17 years. Fast fact: When Dino interviewed Mike, he knew within 10 minutes that he wanted to hire him. Mike had noted in his interview that he does not sell things that clients do not need. That message is integral to the Rad Air philosophy of putting clients first. Dino made a good choice. As he says, “Mike is an extraordinarily good technician.” We would say so: Mike has 5 Gold Medallions from the Automotive Service Association.

Two other technicians are essential to the Westlake Rad Air repair shop. 

Luis has been with Rad Air for 8 years. His expertise in diagnostics, brakes, and suspension systems has helped Westlake Rad Air continue to prosper and grow. If you have an issue with your vehicle, you can trust Luis to carefully diagnose and fix the problem. 

Norm came to the Westlake shop from Rad Air Solon and has been serving clients for several years. He says he “feels at home at Rad Air,” and we are very happy to have him. 

Dino speaks highly of the individuals who work in his auto repair shop and is excited to bring more talent to the team. Rad Air of Westlake is currently hiring for several positions. If you want to join the team—and work with Mike, Luis, and Norm—make sure you take a look at our current openings.

Dino and Roz look forward to greeting you the next time you stop in at Westlake’s Rad Air. At Rad Air, we get the job done right the first time and never charge you for services you do not need. You can feel assured that when you bring your vehicle to our repair shop, you are getting the best possible service in Northeast Ohio.

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