True or FALLse: A Fall Vehicle Maintenance Quiz

October 2, 2020

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True or FALLse?

A Fall Vehicle Maintenance Quiz

It’s that beautiful time of year again in Cleveland! The temperatures are cooling down and the leaves are starting to change color. Northeast Ohioans are savoring every minute of fall before the potential of heavy autumn snowfall and frigid forecasts becomes a reality. 

The seasons changing is a great reminder to schedule your regular vehicle maintenance. In that spirit, we’ve come up with a short quiz to test your vehicle maintenance knowledge! Can you tell which of the following facts are true and which are false?


Tires should only be replaced when the treads are worn. 

This is FALSE. You may inspect your tire treads, see no visible wear, and assume you are good to go for another winter. This could be a potentially dangerous assumption to make! Tires have a manufacturer-recommended lifespan—anywhere from 5–10 years depending on the brand—and can deteriorate over time. Tread depth is an important indicator of when a tire needs to be replaced but there are other signs, like cracks in the sidewall, odd bulges or bumps in the tire surface, tread shift due to underlying broken cords,  and abnormal vibration on the road.


All motor oils are the same.

This is FALSE. There are several main types of motor oils: conventional, full synthetic, and synthetic blend. While full synthetic and synthetic blend oils can cost more, synthetics perform and protect better, and have longer life cycles than a conventional motor oil. Pure synthetic oil can help engines achieve better performance and mileage, saving you money on gas in the long run.


Coolant needs to be checked regularly, not just in the summer.

This is TRUE. Many of us associate coolant checks on our vehicles with summertime. Coolant helps prevent the water in your vehicle’s radiator from boiling over. However, coolant does more for your vehicle than simply protect against overheating. It also helps to lubricate components like seals and gaskets in your vehicle and prevents leaks that can come when parts dry out, harden, and crack. That’s why a cooling system check is also an important part of fall vehicle maintenance.


Sometimes the check engine light goes on for no reason. 

This is FALSE. When the check engine light comes on, it can feel like a hassle to prioritize bringing your car in for service. But, let’s be clear: the check engine light is always on for a reason. Sometimes the issue is very minor, such as a loose gas cap or a dirty air filter. However, there is always the chance that a much larger problem exists. In our business, we see what happens when a check engine light issue is left undiagnosed for too long and a problem just gets worse—and more costly to fix. 


This October, take advantage of the Tailgate Special at Rad Air. When you have your vehicle regularly inspected and maintained by our automotive professionals, we identify and repair any issues before they become a bigger problem. Don’t risk your safety on the roads this winter. Let Rad Air perform essential fall maintenance on your car now!

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