November Is the Time for Vehicle Heater Repairs

November 3, 2020

Don’t Let Your Car Be a Cold Turkey!

Have Your Car’s Heater Inspected and Repaired This November

In Northeast Ohio, we are often spoiled with some warm days here and there throughout early November. However, once the cold really sets in, we’re in for a Cleveland winter for months to come. You will rely on your car’s windshield defroster and heater to let you see clearly and keep you warm and comfortable on the road, even when the outside temperatures are below freezing.

Is your car’s defroster/heater ready for the winter? You better be sure! November is a great time to have your vehicle’s heater inspected and repaired at your local Rad Air. Here are just a few reasons why:

Your car’s heater does more than keep you warm. Vehicle heating and cooling systems are directly related. Your engine produces heat whenever it is running. The coolant/antifreeze that passes through your engine is routed to your heater core to defrost your windshield and keep you warm. But if the heating and cooling system is not functioning properly, your windshield defroster or heater may not work, or your engine could overheat, even in winter. Plus, this system is what defrosts and keeps your windshield clear for your safety while driving. That’s why we always recommend regular maintenance for your vehicle’s heating and cooling system throughout the entire year—especially in the fall.

You can save time and money by having your car’s heater regularly inspected. We might think of our vehicle’s heater as being a single unit, like a furnace, but it is actually a system made up of many different parts including a heater core, blower fan, hoses, belts, and more. If small issues are not identified and repaired immediately, you can end up with more timely and complicated repairs necessary to keep your heating system working as it should.

You will never have to ask, “Why is my car blowing cold air?” This issue is common, but it can be avoided with preventative maintenance. First, it is annoying to turn on the heat, anticipating a welcome blast of warmth, and instead feel jolted by cold air. Second, if your car is blowing cold air, you could be dealing with a variety of problems ranging from a control issue, faulty thermostat to a leak or a malfunctioning heater core. If you have your car’s heating system regularly inspected, you will likely never have to worry about your car blowing cold air.

This November, do yourself, and your vehicle, a favor and schedule a heater inspection at Rad Air. We will check all of the components of your car’s heating and cooling system and make any repairs as needed.

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