Winter Safety Tips for Northeast Ohio Drivers

January 4, 2021

cars driving on road covered in snow

Important Reminders From Your Friends at Rad Air

In the car repair and maintenance business, everything we do is designed to help you stay safe on the roads all year long. That’s why we want to kick off the new year by sharing some important reminders and safety tips for driving in Cleveland’s notorious winter weather.

Our winters here in Northeast Ohio can be a challenge for drivers due to freezing temperatures, lake-effect snow, winds, and low visibility conditions during heavy snowfall. It is so important to take winter driving seriously, not only for your safety but for the safety of others on the road. Keep these tips in mind:


Sometimes the safest thing to do is to stay home.

Be aware of the forecast and any winter weather warnings or advisories before you head out. Also be mindful that, due to unpredictable lake-effect snow bands, conditions can vary drastically between locations that are only a few miles apart. When you can, just stay home and off of slick roads.


Slow is the only way to go.

Give yourself plenty of time to get wherever you need to go. Remember that it takes much longer to slow your vehicle when driving on ice or other slick surfaces. Approach every stop sign and traffic light slowly and with caution.


Keep your distance.

We always recommend keeping 5 or 6 seconds of distance between you and the car in front of you. This is even more important in the winter. Always give other drivers and their vehicles extra space.


Check your tires.

The cold air can cause tires to become underinflated. When you drive on underinflated tires, your vehicle is slower to react to steering and stopping. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and that the tread is not worn. If you need to, schedule a tire inspection early in the season.


Keep your gas tank full.

Never head out in winter weather without your gas tank at least one-quarter to half full (the more the better). It is dangerous to assume that you will not run out of gas. If you are caught in a traffic backup due to snow, it could take hours to get to a nearby gas station.


Restock your winter emergency kit.

Now is the time to double-check that your car’s emergency kit is well stocked with extra coats and blankets, boots, hat, gloves, medications, cell charging cable, water, sustainable snacks, road flares, fluorescent safety vests, and other items. Do you need a refresh on what belongs in your kit? Consult our car emergency kit checklist.


Winterize your vehicle.

Don’t be caught in a snowstorm with broken wiper blades, worn-out tires, or a heating and defrosting issue. The most important thing you can do for your safety on the road is to bring your car to your local Rad Air for essential winter maintenance services. 


Winter in Cleveland is just getting started. We’re in for the long haul well into April. Let us help you make sure your car is ready for the toughest stretch of winter weather.

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