Rad Air Shop Spotlight: Wickliffe

January 12, 2021

Rad Air Wickliffe shop spotlight

How One Unlucky Road Trip Led to a Career in Auto Repair

In 2012, Bill Snow and his wife Sheila were driving to North Carolina for a family vacation when their vehicle started to overheat. Now, at that time, Bill was a corporate guy—definitely not a mechanic, but he knew how to tinker. Long story short: Their car eventually had to be towed the rest of the trip. As it turned out, the wrong antifreeze had been added to the vehicle’s cooling system during an oil change which resulted in turning the anti-freeze into a thick, jello-like substance. 

Later on in the vacation, while sitting on the beach, Bill said to Sheila, “If this is happening to us, it’s surely happening to others.” He put together a business plan for an auto repair business and did a lot of networking. Eventually, Bill connected with Rad Air where he found commonalities in his vision for automotive repair and service: Put clients first, and always get the job done right the first time.

When Bill found that an auto repair shop in Wickliffe, Ohio, was looking to make a change, he found his opportunity to start a new career. With Bill as the shop manager, Rad Air in Wickliffe opened on February 1, 2014. 


Meet the Wickliffe Rad Air Team

Bill leads a team of talented and dedicated automotive technicians at Rad Air of Wickliffe, including:

  • Chris Miller: certified Master Hybrid Service Technician with two ASE certifications
  • Bill Johnson: a great welder and fabricator
  • Tyrann Alexander: certified in tire safety by the Tire Industry of America
  • Paul Arlesic: our Client Service Advisor and usually the face that greets you at our shop


Industry-Leading Automotive Repair and Services

Rad Air of Wickliffe provides automotive services with integrity and honesty. All inspections at the shop, from hybrid vehicle maintenance to A/C diagnostics and repairs, are done digitally to provide true transparency to clients. The client sees exactly what the technician sees and can take photos and email or text exactly what is happening with their vehicle. This provides a unique experience for Rad Air clients.

What’s another unique experience for Wickliffe clients? Seeing race cars in our bays! It is not uncommon to see race cars in the shop, where they are often towed in to be repaired. Rad Air of Wickliffe also performs tailored alignments for race cars. The team not only works on race cars but also on their trailers. 


Community Oriented With a Family Feel

Under Bill’s leadership, Rad Air of Wickliffe is committed to serving the Northeast Ohio community. The shop frequently hosts food and toy drives, and team members volunteer for city cleanup projects. Rad Air in Wickliffe also works with Lake County libraries to put together automotive education programs on a regular basis. 

The Wickliffe shop has a real family feel, and team members enjoy spending time together racing at the Painesville Speedway or grilling out together for lunch. When you bring your vehicle to Wickliffe’s Rad Air, you become a part of our family too. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality of automotive services and repairs. Come in and see us soon!

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